HOW’S BUSINESS SURVEY RESULTS – Isle of Wight compared with Seaside Resorts in the South of England

Across the South Coast of England, Tourism South East and Visit Isle of Wight have recently conducted a survey of “how’s business” in the tourism sector. This survey focussed around three simple questions, compared with last year are your bookings up or down for Spring, Summer and Autumn. On the mainland 105 companies completed the survey, and on the Isle of Wight 97 companies took part.

Please click here to view the Isle of Wight results alongside the South Coast seaside resorts so you can make a direct comparison. 

The results tell us that in the spring we were performing roughly the same as the mainland, but we had a more extensive range of results, 19% of our businesses were doing more than 10% better whilst 18% were doing more than 10% worse.

Advanced bookings for July and August were better on the Island than the mainland. 10% of our Island businesses were more than 10% up on last year, whereas no seaside businesses on the mainland were up by more than 10%. 37% of our Island businesses saw slower bookings than last year, whilst on the mainland 57% saw slower bookings.

However, for the period September onwards the survey reveals that 23% of the Island is currently doing worse than the mainland for advance bookings and only 16% are doing better than the mainland. (The remainder are doing roughly the same as last year).

The figures therefore indicate that at the time of the Survey (June) the Island was performing ahead of the mainland in terms of advance bookings up until September, but that later season bookings were slightly behind the mainland at that time.

The percentage of companies that believe they will do much better or much worse than last year is noticeably higher on the Island than the mainland in every period.

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